Nanida Jenahara Nasution was born in Jakarta in August 27, 1985. She is the fifth child in a big family of seven children, all born to an Indonesian famous musician parents in 70's era - Ida Royani and Keenan Nasution.

Jenahara started her education in 2004 at Susan Budiharjo School of Fashion Design, Jakarta. Her first fashion debut was back in 2011, when she created her own fashion line named after her own middle name-JENAHARA.

Grew up in a musical family, made her constantly in love with music and appreciate art in any form. Later on, music becomes her muse and inspiration in making a design, where she poured her interest in art and music interpretation into all of her design.

Realized that her first label debut was greatly accepted in Jakarta's fashion industry, she then created other premium lines named JENAHARA Black Label in 2014 and JENAHARA Scarf in 2017. All labels carries her signature look, daring to be bold and modest at the same time.

Alongside her passion in fashion, she is also actively doing campaign to empower moslem women through a local community base, where then she and a few friends founded Hijabers Community (HC)-now become one of the largest moslem women community in Indonesia. Jenahara was the first HC president in 2011, and soon after she becomes one of the most influencial figures in Indonesia's modest fashion industry.