If the product that you have received does not feel right for you, you may exchange it with other sizes and other products!

If you were to find any defects on the products you receive or if we have sent the wrong products and we have no more stock on the right products, you may also return the products. We will give you full refund.

Please note that items bought at our webstore cannot be refunded or exchanged in our offline store.

Ps: All sale items are not eligible for Return & Exchange.



Please fill in the return form first, here

You can ask JNE to pick up your items if you are too busy to deliver your goods to JNE,
please call (Jakarta only) 021-566 5262 to book a pick up.

If the product you wish to return is sold out and we can’t replace it with a new one, we will give a full refund.

You should create a request within 1 day after you receive the product and and please make sure to provide detailed information on why you want to return the product(s). We will respond to your request as soon as we can. Only after receiving
our email response will you be able to return the product. Please print the form we have sent you via email, fill it out and send it together with the product.

Please ensure that all items are returned clean, unworn and have all of their tags and original packaging. Items that have been damaged, soiled, or broken will be sent back to you.